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Multi-Media Project

This is a new exciting addition to the services we currently offer which will be fully led and managed by our young people.

Young people will be using multi media technology using the arts as a tool to creatively highlight issues that effect their transition to adult life.



FREE 10-week programmes in all areas of Multi Media are available now.  These programmes are aimed at NEET young people aged 16-19  - please follow this link for the full details...

Projects are well underway in promoting positive images of young people in our inner cities. Project work will cover photography, video collage /film making, graphic design, drama, dance, singing, creating lyrics, rapping, MC-ing and other basic skills to help them achieve this.

They will also produce DVD/CD that can be distributed through various media sources both locally and nationally amongst their peers.

All their hard work will be presented via a photography exhibition, music tracks and a music video which they can exhibit at various venues across the city to promote a positive image of young people today.

For more information on the Multi Media Project contact either:

Ryan Gibson, Music Mentor at ryan.gibson@prismyouthproject.org
Ross Elliott, Participation Worker at ross.elliott@prismyouthproject.org

or call us on 01274 487633

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