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Food for Thought

Food for Thought project is another new exciting addition to our services which will enhance and diversify the work we currently offer on our City Farm.



It will be be a means of breaking down community barriers by providing training to young people to produce, use and distribute low cost locally grown fruit & vegetables and work alongside local volunteers to help reflect the diversity of the many different cultures within our city.

Once the produce is grown our young people will also learn enterprise skills through the marketing and selling of the produce to the local community which will help them have a better understanding of the diversity of the many different cultures and build intergenerational relationships which will help break down the barriers often facing disengaged young people and the community at large. Any income generated will be reinvested into the project to help it become more sustainable in the future.

We also want to promote more community involvement and attract more local visitors to the farm to volunteer and work alongside young people to help teach them about the importance of healthy lifestyles and how better nutrition contributes to improved wellbeing.

If you are interested in volunteering on this project or would like further information, please contact our co-ordinator Marouane Bouchami on 01274 497227 or email marouane.bouchami@prismyouthproject.org

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