PRISM Youth Project

Brighter Futures

PRISM offers three evening sessions per week for young people aged 8-16.

The sessions combine accredited work with fun and tackle issues such as racism, bullying and drug awareness in the safe environment of a youth club.

Prism has four evening groups for young people to access. These consist of Junior group, Senior group, group for deaf young people and a group for young people with Learning difficulties and / or disabilities.  These consist of Junior group, Senior group and our new group for deaf young people.

All these projects will have the same underlying aims and objectives:
  • To have fun
  • To increase young people’s self-esteem and confidence
  • To give young people aspirations for the future
  • To reduce the potential of crime for those most at risk
  • To promote inclusion for all young people
  • To ensure that young people are given information and choices around healthy lifestyles
  • To ensure that young people are responsible and have a voice in current issues and their future


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