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Breathing Spaces

Breathing Spaces project has been extremely successful over the last two years in supporting over 100 volunteers on our City Farm to benefit from the healing and calming qualities that a ‘Green Farm’ environment can provide to increase mental health & wellbeing. By engaging in Ecotherapy, green exercise and in some cases achieving accreditation in land based studies our volunteers have increased their skills, confidence and self-esteem.

We are currently actively seeking additional funding to continue this project and indeed extend the provision to our site at Keighley. During this time we are able to continue to take a limited number of referrals as we truly believe in the benefits this project has made to many isolated young people.
Being outdoors and being active has been shown to benefit our mental health. If you are aged 14 to 24 and you are feeling depressed, worried or anxious, experiencing any difficulties such as eating disorders, attachment problems, learning difficulties etc or suffering stigma or discrimination related to a mental health condition then ecotherapy can reduce your stress and might boost your self esteem.

By volunteering to join the Breathing Spaces Project at Prism City Farm you can improve your physical health, find a source of meaning and purpose by helping to plan and carry out activities which will benefit the community and be helped to develop your skills and social connections

PRISM staff will provide encouragement and support to all users to access a full horticultural programme alongside animal assisted therapy and give young people the confidence to be fully involved in the planning, design and construction of all new initiatives at the farm as well as giving you the chance to enjoy our new duck pond, and small animal house which includes a fabulous aviary bird house.

If you want to make a referral now or want more information about this project contact Charlotte Kemm, specialist mental health worker, on 01274 497227 or email

You can see some further information about Ecotherapy and the Breathing Space Project by following the links to our poster and promotional leaflet.

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