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About the PRISM Youth Project

PRISM is an innovative, dynamic and creative organisation which provides alternative education and accredited youth work initiatives to those young people who struggle to achieve in more conventional settings.

We offer guidance and support which empowers young people to move into mainstream educational, employment and training opportunities .  

PRISM continues to be more than a training provider, more than a guidance agency and more than a drop-in centre for young people with personal, social or emotional problems. It offers a holistic experience which considers every young person as a unique individual with unique needs and unique potential.

Due to demand we are continually increasing the numbers of young people with whom we work and the number of programmes that we are able to offer. We aim to develop our partnership working in order to offer young people a wider range of services.

We judge our success not only on the impact which we have on the lives of individual young people, but also on our ability to support the key indicators, such as the number of people not in education, employment and training, the number of school exclusions, the teenage pregnancy rate and the re-offending rate amongst young people. We work hard to promote good citizenship in the young people we support.

We aim to consolidate and strengthen our position as a major provider of alternative education in the area for young people.

See our Strategic Plan here

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